Core Grammar for Lawyers

Core Grammar for Lawyers

by Ruth Ann McKinney, Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Tags: Core Grammar, First Year, Introduction to Law, Introduction to Paralegalism, Law School Study Aids, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing

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ISBN 978-1-61163-584-3
eISBN 978-1-61163-584-3

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Core Grammar for Lawyers is an online, self-directed learning tool designed to help law students, pre-law students, paralegal professionals, and practicing attorneys develop the grammar and punctuation skills that are prerequisites to successful legal writing.

The program consists of the following four elements for students:

  1. a Pre-Test of grammar skills to allow students to identify their present areas of strength and weakness;
  2. a series of Lessons, clustered in six Sections, that correspond with the areas covered in the test;
  3. interactive Exercises that follow each Lesson, allowing students to apply what they have learned in the Lessons; and
  4. a Post-Test to confirm mastery.

Students will track their progress through the program through the Bookshelf, a home screen that retains their scores on tests and records their progress through Lessons and Exercises. In addition, students will have access to an online Rules Index and a Glossary of grammar terms that they can use as references.

Faculty can obtain a complimentary review subscription to Core Grammar for Lawyers, courtesy of Carolina Academic Press. Please give us between 24 and 48 hours to verify your faculty status and provide you with your complimentary subscription.

"I have been relieved of the burden of being the grammar cop. Core Grammar normalizes the expectation that our students will write with accurate grammar and punctuation. Assigning Core Grammar early on seems to have helped the students understand and take seriously the course expectations for grammar, punctuation, and other writing mechanics." —Sue Liemer, Southern Illinois University School of Law

"Just as well-made cars need belts checked and bolts tightened, every practicing lawyer's use of grammar, punctuation, and usage needs a periodic tune-up — even if it's only preventative maintenance! Core Grammar For Lawyers is just the ticket." — Jennifer M. Cooper, Legal Writing From A Practitioner's Perspective Blog

"Students have told me that they find it helpful and easy to use. ...It is a luxury to finally have an online source we can point the students to that is reliable and flags the problems that come up in their writing." — Ian Gallacher, Syracuse University College of Law

"Since I started using Core Grammar, many issues I was forced to correct over and over in previous years have simply vanished. The Learning Management System provides a one-stop location for managing student progress and improvement. As someone who prefers to emphasize logic over grammar, I have been especially pleased to be able to focus more on the mechanics of student arguments, knowing their grammar needs are being met. My students increased their scores 20 points between their pre-tests and post-tests, and the dividends have been paying off all year long." — Aaron R. Harmon, UNC School of Law

"Everyone dreads grammar review, even us grammar snobs. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that Core Grammar for Lawyers not only taught me new things, but did so in an engaging way with just the right amount of bells and whistles to make it fun." — Sophie S., first-year law student

"I used Core Grammar for Lawyers as a mandatory part of my writing class. It is the best grammar tool that I have ever used. This tool has taken my grammar abilities to the next level. Thank you for writing this program!" — Paul S., paralegal student

"Core Grammar for Lawyers has filled a great need for paralegal programs. If my program's advisory committee has had one complaint about new attorneys and paralegals in their offices it has been soft skills—including writing and grammar. This program is perfect to help students create a better work product in school and will help them create a better work product on the job. One of my students e-mailed me: 'I was pretty smug about the program…until I got 5-6 questions in.' The program is easy to use for students and instructors; as a pedagogical tool, it really cannot be beat." — Marisa Campbell, Director, Paralegal Program at Meredith College