Legalizing Marijuana

A Shift in Policies Across America

Edited by: Nancy E. Marion, Joshua B. Hill

Tags: Drug Policy, Legal Issues, Policy

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The debate over the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana is raging across the United States. Some states have opted to legalize or decriminalize the drug despite federal laws that ban its manufacture, distribution, and possession. Legalizing Marijuana is a collection of articles that examines different aspects of marijuana legalization in the US, an area that is constantly changing and evolving. Each article is written by an expert in the field, chosen from both academics and practitioners, who provide a distinct perspective on the legalization debate.

The first group of articles provides readers with a background of drug policy in the US and other nations. The second group of articles focuses on the state-wide political campaigns and media coverage associated with the push to change laws. The third group of articles examines the response of the criminal justice system to legalized marijuana. This includes articles on law enforcement agencies, court responses, and the effects of the new policies on corrections systems. Finally, some policy perspectives are provided on the impact of marijuana legalization on college campuses and businesses in those states that allow it. The articles are thought provoking and informative, and can serve as a basis for debate and discussion on many aspects of marijuana legalization.

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