National Security Law & Policy

Third Edition

Edited by: John Norton Moore, Guy B. Roberts, Robert F. Turner

Tags: Government/National Security Law

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The extensively updated third edition of National Security Law includes 34 contributions by distinguished scholars and practitioners. This edition includes new chapters on law and the cyber domain, the control of terrorism assets, lawfare, detention, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as well as chapters on traditional subjects of national security law such as use of force, war powers, international and domestic terrorism, intelligence, arms control, homeland security, human rights, immigration, export controls, environmental law, freedom of expression, and access to national security information. This third edition presents a uniquely comprehensive, timely and unmatched coverage of this complex field of law and policy.

Supplementary Materials

National Security Law Documents cover

National Security Law Documents, Second Edition

by John Norton Moore, Guy B. Roberts, Robert F. Turner

2006, 1248 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-59460-024-1


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