Sentencing and Modern Reform

The Process of Punishment

by Liz Marie Marciniak

Tags: Corrections

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Sentencing and Modern Reform: The Process of Punishment provides a comprehensive overview of sentencing strategies in the United States. The curious citizen and the criminal justice student will both find the book to be a cogent source of knowledge. The book highlights the diversity in approaches used by states and the federal system in sentencing offenders. It presents a historical background of sentencing practices in the United States and details the goals and structure of various modern reforms, including a summary of the Supreme Court's scrutiny of sentencing reforms. An evaluation of whether the goals of reforms have been met is answered through a review of social science research, a consideration of monetary and social costs, and through interviews with professionals and a former federal inmate. The book also highlights recent calls to "reform the reforms" and describes how sentencing practices may be revised in the future.

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"An incredible resource for many professionals to grasp the complexity of sentencing practices; Marciniak really hit the ball out of the park with her compilation of relevant case studies and materials. It exceeded my expectations.."—Corrections Today

"Marciniak is clearly an expert on sentencing variations and has provided the criminal justice community with a wonderful reference that should be on every criminologist's bookshelf."—Criminal Justice Review
" . . . provides a rich resource for appreciating the breadth of criminal sentencing practice and reform in the United States." —Journal of Community Corrections

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