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Uniform Commercial Code — Article 9

Uniform Commercial Code — Article 9, Second Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Uniform Commercial Code — Article 9: Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions, Second Edition

Uniform Commercial Code — Article 9

Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions

Second Edition

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Tags: Commercial Law

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This revised and up-to-date (including the 2010 Amendments) treatment of UCC Article 9 utilizes both diagrams and questions uniquely designed to focus the student’s attention on the operative facts that determine the application of the relevant code sections. The diagrams and accompanying commentary make plain what it is that each party to a secured transaction is attempting to accomplish or, in some instances, has failed to accomplish. Cases are edited and dissected using those diagrams and questions in order to both assist analysis of and navigate among relevant code sections.

Appendix A contains a “road map” allowing the student to approach Article 9 analytically. A newly added appendix deals with the relationship between Article 9 and Agricultural Liens.

A revised faculty manual is available.

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