Security 101

An Introduction to the Private Security Industry

by Joseph Jaksa

Tags: Computer Crime/Cybercrime, Homeland Security, Legal Issues

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ISBN 978-1-61163-763-2
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The concept of security and securing one's property and possessions dates back to the early centuries of mankind. Identified as a basic human need, we have an intrinsic desire to protect our self and our property. Today, in the United States, the private security industry is the largest employer in the criminal justice system. The modern-day protection of lives and property includes security personnel, equipment, policies, procedures, and laws. These protective methods are implemented in residential and business communities.

The content of this book provides general security concepts, information, and examples intended for college and university students enrolled in an entry-level or introductory security class or those seeking a professional career in security management. The book covers relevant theories and practices and offer topics for research and discussion questions combining both academic theories and current security industry challenges relevant to this complex sector of the criminal justice system.

The book is divided into chapters providing the basic building blocks needed to develop a solid foundation of security knowledge. Each chapter includes an introduction/overview, learning objectives, content relevant to the specific chapter topic, along with a topical case study, research question and discussion topic to enhance the chapter's content. Each chapter will end with a formal conclusion and a list of topics to aid with the learning process.

The following Teaching Materials are available electronically on a CD or via email:

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  • Test bank is available in Word, Blackboard-compatible and Moodle formats.
  • PowerPoint slides are available upon adoption. Sample slides from the full 409-slide presentation are available to view here.

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