Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law

by Alex Kreit

Tags: Civil Rights/Race and the Law, Criminal Law, Drug Policy, Health Law, International Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-61163-789-2
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Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law provides comprehensive coverage of the many fascinating issues of law and policy related to the criminalization and regulation of mind-altering substances. The book can be used as the primary or exclusive text in a range of law school courses. Whether for a seminar on the war on drugs, an advanced criminal law course on drug crimes, a survey course on controlled substances law, or a summer study abroad course on international drug control, Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law is designed for easy adoption and with flexibility in mind. The memorable cases and thought-provoking excerpts of academic articles lend themselves to lively class discussion. From beginning to end, the book provides an intellectually engaging experience for students.

Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law begins with materials on the debate about prohibition and its alternatives, with a particular focus on the modern "war on drugs" model of prohibition. After establishing this foundation, the book turns its attention to the drug laws themselves, taking an in-depth look at drug offenses, drug sentencing, and the investigation of drug crimes. The book then considers the body of administrative law that governs the classification of controlled substances and the use and distribution of controlled substance for medical purposes. Finally, the book concludes with an overview of international drug control.

The previous version of this book was published under the title Controlled Substances: Crime, Regulation, and Policy in 2013.

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