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Hate Crimes cover

Hate Crimes: Typology, Motivations, and Victims, Second Edition

Edited by: Robin Maria Valeri, Kevin Borgeson

2023, 488 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2552-6


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Hate Crimes

Typology, Motivations, and Victims

Edited by: Robin Maria Valeri, Kevin Borgeson

Tags: Criminal Behavior, Legal Issues, Race and Ethnicity Issues, Victimology, Women/Gender

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352 pp  $55.00

ISBN 978-1-61163-924-7
eISBN 978-1-5310-0492-7

Hate Crimes: Typology, Motivations, and Victims offers a fresh perspective on the study of hate crimes. With separate chapters on LGBT, race, religion, and gender motivated hate crimes, the book focuses on the various targets of these crimes and examines the theories and motivations that drive perpetrators to commit these acts of hate. To address the increase in hate crimes occurring on campuses and in cyberspace, the book also includes chapters on campus hate crimes and virtual hate. Editors Robin Valeri and Kevin Borgeson and their contributors draw on theories from criminology, psychology, and sociology to explore the ideologies of hatemongers and extremist groups. No competing text offers such in-depth and nuanced coverage of hate and the contributing factors to one of the fastest growing social problems in America.

A core text for courses on hate crimes as well as an excellent supplement for any social problems class, Hate Crimes: Typology, Motivations, and Victims brings its singular focus to the growth and evolution in the field of hate crimes and hate studies. The chapter themes make this a highly readable text for criminal justice, psychology, or sociology professors as well as practitioners in the field.

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