Family Law

Doctrine and Practice

by Steve Berenson

Tags: Family Law

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ISBN 978-1-61163-954-4
eISBN 978-1-61163-998-8

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Family Law: Doctrine and Practice is a text meant for use in an introductory level family law course. However, as the name implies, the book is focused on the practitioner perspective to a greater degree than the traditional family law course book. Its streamlined approach anticipates that students are more likely to practice family law than to teach or write about it in the future. However, the subject areas covered by the book were carefully selected to correspond to the coverage of family law on the Multistate Essay Exam, which has now been adopted by more than 30 jurisdictions.

There are some other unique and important features of the book as well. First, each chapter starts with a set of learning outcomes that students should be expected to realize upon completion of the chapter. Each chapter also has a summary of the law section, which is made up of a succinct recitation of the relevant "black letter" rules from each chapter. Each chapter also includes five multiple-choice review questions. These questions help to reinforce important concepts from the full chapter, as well as helping students enhance their test-taking skills. Finally, each chapter also includes two longer problems for in-depth review. Additionally, instructors can use these problems in a variety of formats as the basis for more practice-oriented exercises that can help students develop the skills they will need to become effective legal practitioners.

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