Navigating the First Year of Law School

A Practical Guide to Studying Law

by G. Nicholas Herman, Melissa A. Essary, Zachary C. Bolitho

Tags: First Year, Introduction to Law

160 pp $25.00

ISBN 978-1-61163-957-5
eISBN 978-1-5310-0134-6

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This book is for entering law students and law school orientation programs about how to study law. It covers how lawyers use the law, how the legal system works, how to study, how to read and brief case decisions, how to participate in class, how to prepare course outlines, and how to study for exams and write essay exam answers. It also provides a chapter with pointers about legal research and writing because of the importance of these subjects in the first-year curriculum. The book's aim is to provide a practical, prescriptive, and descriptive treatment of the conventional topics and instruction given by law professors about studying law. It has been vetted by over twenty-five reviewers, consisting of law professors, current and prospective law students, and practicing lawyers.

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