A Pocketbook on Contracts

"The Big Picture"

by Edward J. Imwinkelried

Tags: Contracts

Table of Contents (PDF)

180 pp  $40.00

ISBN 978-1-63043-541-7
eISBN 978-1-63043-674-2

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The simple purpose of this contracts pocketbook is to help you see "the big picture." While it does not have the scope of a hornbook or a nutshell nor does it cover all contract rules or set out an exhaustive analysis of the rules that it does cover, this concise, clearly written, and easy to understand text does the following:

  • It proposes an overall sequence for analyzing contracts fact situations. This text identifies four stages in the history of a contract: Formation, interpretation, performance, and litigation;
  • At another level of analysis, within each stage, the text identifies both the key policy considerations and the most basic rules;
  • For each stage, the text proposes a sequence of analysis; and
  • Includes numerous diagrams to help the reader visualize the logical flow of the analysis.

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