This book has been replaced by a newer edition:

Federal Constitutional Law, Volume 2

Introduction to the Federal Executive Power and the Separation of Powers

Second Edition

by Lee J. Strang

Tags: Constitutional Law, Introduction to Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

238 pp  $35.00

ISBN 978-1-63280-954-4
eISBN 978-1-63280-955-1

This softcover book is the second volume in the Constitutional Law Modular Series. This modular approach to the material makes it possible for instructors to mix and match a suitable number of volumes for a course of varying length and focus. Coverage includes:

  • Appointment and removal of federal officers;
  • The creation of "independent" agencies and officers;
  • Powers inherent in the Executive;
  • Executive foreign policy and international agreement powers;
  • Executive war and commander-in-chief powers;
  • The line item veto;
  • Congressional appointment of executive officers;
  • Congressional control via legislative veto;
  • Congressional execution of the law; and
  • The Nondelegation Doctrine.