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Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 2)

Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 2) book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

This page refers to an out of print or superseded title.

Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 2)

Introduction to the Federal Executive Power and the Separation of Powers

Second Edition

by Lee J. Strang

2015 $35.00 238 pp paper

Tags: Constitutional Law, Introduction to Law

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This softcover book is the second volume in the Constitutional Law Modular Series. This modular approach to the material makes it possible for instructors to mix and match a suitable number of volumes for a course of varying length and focus. Coverage includes:

  • Appointment and removal of federal officers;
  • The creation of "independent" agencies and officers;
  • Powers inherent in the Executive;
  • Executive foreign policy and international agreement powers;
  • Executive war and commander-in-chief powers;
  • The line item veto;
  • Congressional appointment of executive officers;
  • Congressional control via legislative veto;
  • Congressional execution of the law; and
  • The Nondelegation Doctrine.

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