This book has been replaced by a newer edition:

Federal Constitutional Law, Volume 1

Introduction to Interpretive Methods and the Federal Judicial Power

Second Edition

by Lee J. Strang

Tags: Constitutional Law, Federal Constitutional Law Series, Introduction to Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

222 pp  $35.00

ISBN 978-1-63280-958-2
eISBN 978-1-63280-959-9

This softcover book is the first volume in the Federal Constitutional Law Modular Casebook Series. This innovative modular approach to the material facilitates a focused study of particular topics within the field of federal constitutional law. Coverage includes:

  • Introduction to the basic texts;
  • Interpretations based on the structure of government, constitutional text, and historical antecedents;
  • Interpretations based on the drafting and ratification debates;
  • Interpretations based on traditional understandings of the constitution and judicial precedents;
  • Judicial review and standards of review;
  • Congressional power to structure (and restructure) the judiciary;
  • Justiciability doctrines; and
  • Governmental immunity from suit and the Eleventh Amendment in the Nineteenth Century.