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Core Criminal Procedure

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Core Criminal Procedure

Learning Through Multiple-Choice Questions

by Kathy Swedlow

2017 $68.00 440 pp paper

Tags: Criminal Procedure, Law School Study Aids

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Law students want and need bar-style resources to increase their chances of success in class and on the bar exam. Many materials are inadequate because they either provide comprehensive coverage in non-bar-style formats, or use bar-style formats but don’t provide comprehensive coverage.

This book fills the gap by providing bar-style multiple choice questions that can be used formatively, as students are learning the material in Criminal Procedure class. The questions follow the same format used by the National Conference of Bar Examiners on the Multistate Bar Exam, so students can hone their bar exam skills at the same time.

The first half of the book consists of 450 multiple choice questions, divided among three chapters — Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, and Sixth Amendment. The questions in each chapter are grouped together by topic, e.g., warrantless arrests, Terry stop and frisk. Within each topic, the questions begin with the basics and increase in complexity.

The second half of the book provides brief explanations, with relevant citations to Supreme Court decisions. Students can use this book together with their assigned Criminal Procedure textbook, knowing that the questions will complement the casebook readings and help them develop their test-taking skills.

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