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The Perfect Practice Exam

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For course adoption consideration, we would be happy to provide a “sampler” of this work. To request the sampler, click the “exam copy” button below and follow the prompts. (A copy of the print book can be provided upon adoption and notification of your bookstore order. ) A print book may also be purchased with a professional discount (the cost of which would be refunded upon adoption and notification.)

The PPE: The Skill of Legal Analysis is the ideal study tool for law students because it provides the most utility for the money spent. The PPE includes 48 essay questions with sample answers. First-year students nationwide benefit from this book because law schools require Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property, and Torts. Students do not need to purchase 6 different supplements to practice their skills because The PPE includes 8 questions for each subject. 

The PPE also ensures students can comfortably use the book throughout the semester. Most supplements randomly combine topics for each subject. As a result, students must wait until reading week to practice their exam-taking skills because the questions include topics from the beginning and the end of the course. The PPE strategically pairs commonly tested topics and presents the topics in the order they often appear on the syllabus.

Finally, The PPE avoids overwhelming students by focusing on a specific learning objective. The PPE’s goal is to improve the user’s analysis, which is one of the most important skills in the legal profession. Other supplements discuss an array of skills without concrete steps on how to execute the book’s advice in real-life situations. The PPE provides detailed instructions on how to improve analysis. For example, the book includes a legal-analysis template, active-learning worksheets that walk students through the three-step process of analysis, and sample answers that use IRAC, headers, and paragraphs to mirror what the students should strive to achieve on their exams.

Complimentary Copy RequestIf you are a professor teaching in this field you may request a complimentary copy.

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