Veterans Benefits

Law, Theory, and Practice

by Stacey-Rae Simcox, David E. Boelzner

Tags: Health Law, Military Law

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ISBN 978-1-6328-4330-2
eISBN 978-1-63284-334-0

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Those wishing to learn about veterans benefits law have essentially two types of resources available: traditional casebooks inviting an analytical law-school type approach or a comprehensive, but highly detailed, lengthy manual. Neither is entirely suitable for the sort of instruction needed by students in law school clinics assisting veterans or by other advocates wishing to quickly acquire the necessary understanding of law and procedure needed to represent veteran claimants.

Veterans Benefits: Law, Theory, and Practice aims to meet that need. The book presents the statutory and regulatory provisions pertinent to the issues that commonly arise in pursuing claims for veterans and their family members, and it includes copious relevant cases, summarized with follow-up questions for discussion. But the textbook also contains straightforward practical explanation about how to work through claims and work with the government bureaucrats who process them. Realistic hypothetical claims in the form of client interview vignettes allow students to apply what they learn.

The book:

  • Explains the complex and often bewildering VA claims system;
  • Helps students and other advocates understand the intricacies of that system and how to navigate it;
  • Challenges students with realistic and practical problems similar to what they will encounter in their clients' cases; and
  • Provides the practical advice and stimulates the development of the advocacy skills, including writing, necessary to provide veterans with competent and successful representation.

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