Tort Law

Skills and Practice Workbook

by Ann Marie Cavazos, Nise Guzman Nekheba, R. Jeremy Hill, Cynthia Ramkellawan

Tags: Law School Study Aids, Lawyering Series, Torts

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ISBN 978-1-63284-754-6
eISBN 978-1-63284-755-3

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Forget the old concept of theoretically teaching tort law to first year law students and expecting them to apply it years later during their first jobs after graduating. Following the last recession's unpredictability, the legal market shifted monumentally. It now expects law school graduates to immediately apply practical legal skills. During this shift, the authors realized the market needed game-changing legal resources that taught basic legal skills to first year law students in a manner that is accessible, engaging, and deeply effective.

This tort law workbook is an essential companion to every torts course. It bridges the theory versus praxis gap by introducing real-life tort related challenges that emerge in Harmville, USA, a fictional town. Harmville's residents provide the scenarios for exercises that are integral to effectively building and honing practical legal skills, including critical thinking, legal research, and writing. Students will be required to perform legal tasks for Harmville's residents in a manner that can easily parallel and enhance any torts class. This workbook includes relevant statute(s), case law, and internet links to act on or resolve tort law issues. Each chapter also has a checklist, key questions to ask clients, and an effective self-assessment tool. While this book's applicable reach is broad, it also refers to legal resources and a Teacher's Manual for the following states: Florida; Illinois; New York; Ohio; Pennsylvania; and Texas.

This book is part of the Lawyering Series, edited by Roger I. Abrams of Northeastern Law School.

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