California Civil Procedure

Fourth Edition

by Walter W. Heiser

Tags: California, Civil Procedure

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ISBN 978-1-6328-4980-9
eISBN 978-1-63284-982-3

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Written for those upper-level law students who intend to practice law in California, this casebook emphasizes those aspects of California Civil Procedure that are significantly different than the federal system. California Civil Procedure has several goals. First, upon completion of a course using this casebook, students will be prepared to competently conduct civil litigation in the California courts. Furthermore, this book examines the procedural advantages and disadvantages of litigating in the California courts as opposed to federal courts so new lawyers can make an informed choice between filing an action is one system or the other. This casebook also provides students with a brief summary of the federal or general position on each major topic as a basis of comparison and as a review of first-year civil procedure.

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