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Federal Courts and Civil Rights (Deep Dive Series)

Federal Courts and Civil Rights, Deep Dive Series View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Federal Courts and Civil Rights (Deep Dive Series): <em>Juidice v. Vail</em>

Federal Courts and Civil Rights (Deep Dive Series)

Juidice v. Vail

$30.95 475 pp paper

Tags: Civil Rights/Race and the Law, Courts, Twelve Tables Press

Federal Courts and Civil Rights: Juidice v. Vail is a Deep Dive into the story of Juidice v. Vail, the Supreme Court case that challenged the constitutionality of the New York civil contempt statutes. It introduces readers to:

  • The life cycle of the case from its inception to its resolution
  • The plaintiff s, defendants, lawyers, and judges
  • The actual pleadings, motions, memoranda of law, briefs, and oral argument transcripts
  • Civil procedure, due process, and principles relating to federal jurisdiction
  • Legislative eff orts to amend the statutes
  • The consumer debt collection process and challenges

Federal Courts and Civil Rights: Juidice v. Vail makes civil procedure and federal jurisdiction come alive by explaining how civil procedure is the toolkit that determines every move in a case and how federal jurisdiction may impact the success or failure of a case by controlling access to the legal system.

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