Pursuing the Horizon

Stories of Justice

by Russell F. Canan

Tags: Civil Rights/Race and the Law, Twelve Tables Press

Table of Contents (PDF)

342 pp  $28.95

ISBN 978-1-94607-432-4

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Pursuing the Horizon offers a collection of essays and courtroom stories from an activist, death penalty lawyer, and Washington, D.C., judge struggling to seek justice in the courtroom, in the fields where migrant farmworkers toil, and in the rice paddies of Vietnam. The book allows the reader to sample some of the most horrifying, perplexing, and important issues in life and the law, offering the general public, via suspenseful and riveting stories, a rare lens into the daily life and minds of those seeking to achieve justice and those who must live, or sometimes die, with the consequences of their efforts. Pursuing the Horizon is about the author's search for justice together with dedicated judges, lawyers, jurors, those accused of crime, those who are the victims of crime, police, social workers, nurses, mental health workers, and the public at large.

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