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Pioneers of Environmental Law

Pioneers of Environmental Law View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Pioneers of Environmental Law

Pioneers of Environmental Law

$22.95 248 pp paper

Tags: Environmental/Energy and Resources Law, Twelve Tables Press

This book is intended to introduce the reader to examples of some of the persons who helped to invent and develop the field of environmental law. Some of these pioneers are well known; some are more obscure, but still have played critical roles in field of environmental law. A “pioneer” is among the first to explore a new area. And a pioneer of environmental law may be one who (1) first recognized the importance of the natural environment, (2) helped to invent the relatively new doctrine of environmental law and then ensured that it would survive, or (3) once the new law was accepted, took new and creative approaches to established principles and applied these ideas to environmental law. The pioneers discussed in this book represent these three types, or classes, of pioneers—“True Pioneers,” “Creators and Saviors,” and “Innovators.”

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