The Tafts

by George W. Liebmann

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ISBN 978-1-94607-440-9

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This book discusses five generations of the Taft family, America's longest-lived but underappreciated political dynasty. This long-overdue reconsideration shows the Tafts to be farsighted, fair-minded, and surprisingly astute when considering modern concerns. William Howard Taft served in more significant and varied public offices than any other American. His son, Senator Robert A. Taft, was a foreign policy realist whose Taft-Hartley Act still governs American labor law and is the only important modern statute passed over a presidential veto. He also was the first prominent politician to propose curbing the tax code "bracket creep." Lastly, Ohio Governor Robert Taft III became widely unpopular during the Reagan era by fostering fiscal responsibility while simultaneously championing science education. The book is a study of men who chose to shun personal publicity and glamor, instead exerting great influence through knowledge and good character.

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