Information For Faculty and Authors

At Carolina Academic Press, we feel we have several distinct advantages: we have great authors, we have a structure that allows us a great deal of flexibility, and we try to provide a personal touch that we feel is unique in the industry.

Unlike other publishers, who seem to price with a “whatever the market can bear” philosophy, Carolina Academic Press has always adopted a policy of “fair market pricing,” using cost basis modeling. Briefly put, we try to keep our prices, especially of student texts, reasonable. This also benefits our authors and us, because fewer books turn into used books at the end of a term.

One of the ways we try to control costs is not to send complimentary copies of texts automatically out to every professor teaching a subject. Rather, we notify you of new books in your field and ask that you let us know if you’d like to examine any of them. This saves you from being inundated by unwanted books and saves us time and money. Please see our complimentary copy policy for more information.