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The Essential Guide to California Restaurant Law

The Essential Guide to California Restaurant Law book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

The Essential Guide to California Restaurant Law

by Paul Tour-Sarkissian, Tania Tour-Sarkissian

2010 $67.00 486 pp hardback

Tags: Entertainment/Food and Beverage Law

To view or download the 2017 supplement to this book, click here.

Restaurant law encompasses many different areas of the law in addition to the regulation of food and alcoholcontract law, tort law, labor law, and environmental law, to name just a few. The Essential Guide to California Restaurant Law is the very first book to gather together and analyze the vast swath of laws pertinent to restaurants in California. Through familiarity with the issues and applicable law discussed in this book, attorneys representing restaurant clients will be prepared to recognize potential problems, to devise strategies for compliance, and to reduce the risks of liability. Given the breadth and depth of the legal issues pertinent to restaurants in California, this book is a singularly effective tool for legal practitioners.

“The authors … offer valuable general discussions of the many areas of concern to restaurant operators, including food handling and health inspections, labor laws, federal and state regulations, service of alcoholic beverages, and theories of liability to customers. … [T]his book is a great start for any lawyer or restaurant owner who needs a ready reference on the legal aspects of running a restaurant.” — Los Angeles Lawyer

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