Contextual Approach Series

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The Contextual Approach Series (CAS) is an innovative series of student-friendly comparative law texts. The CAS is designed to explore from a practical, “real world” perspective how law functions in different countries.

In a variety of subject areas, co-authors from the U.S. and two other countries will apply the law of their respective legal systems to analyze and solve a set of case/problem facts structured to raise universal legal issues in the area. Relying on authors who are resident experts in the nations under study will enrich the CAS with insider perspectives not usually available.

The CAS is designed to bring comparative law to life and make it accessible and understandable to law students by providing a contextual framework to which students can attach what they’re learning. The contextual approach also allows for a good balance of breadth and depth. Traditionally, comparative law coverage has tended to be either very broad (survey-type materials) or very narrow (materials focusing on single issues or nations).

CAP is looking for U.S. law professors to serve as lead authors in the series. All core subjects are open to consideration. Send inquiries to: Andrew McClurg at