European Anthropology Series

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Anthropological studies have long been carried out in Europe, and there is currently a strong renewal of interest in these kinds of investigations with the expansion of the European Union and its impact on nations and their regions. Anthropology can contribute much to the elucidation of issues in European societies through its focus on local fieldwork and the enmeshing of localities within wider units. This Series is designed to provide an arena for a wide range of books that combine fine-grained ethnography with a lively awareness of contemporary theoretical and applied concerns. A benchmark for such studies was presented by the Series Editors with their book Minorities and Memories: Survivals and Extinctions in Scotland and Western Europe, published in 2000 and the first book in the Series. Their recent edited volume in the Series is Landscape, Heritage and Conservation (2010) and deals with farming practices that involve European Union policies.

Further volumes in the Series deal with pastoralism in the Pyrenees and evangelical revivalism in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Future contributions and submissions are welcome, including, but by no means exclusively, in the field of rural studies and rural-urban relations in which the classic foundations of European anthropological studies were created.

This Series seeks to explore the many aspects of contemporary life in Europe today and how Europe's face in the global community is transforming and developing.