Legal Research Series

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The goal of each book in the Legal Research Series (LRS) is to provide law students with the essential elements of legal research in each jurisdiction. The books have also been used effectively in lawyer training and paralegal programs.

LRS books explain concisely both the sources of state law research and the process for conducting state legal research effectively.

Unlike more bibliographic research texts, these books go beyond describing resources to examine how to use each resource in a comprehensive research strategy. The books also incorporate legal analysis as part of the research process.

Each book begins with an overview of the research process, and then explains how to use the most effective sources to research cases, statutes, legislative history, constitutions, administrative law, court rules, and secondary sources. Federal law is introduced briefly in each chapter, and a separate book in the series covers federal law extensively.

The series, which was originally conceived and edited for 13 years by Suzanne E. Rowe, Director of Legal Research and Writing, University of Oregon School of Law, is now edited by Tenielle Fordyce-Ruff, Associate Clinical Professor of Law at Arizona State University's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.