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Appellate Advocacy

Appellate Advocacy, Fifth Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice, Fifth Edition

Appellate Advocacy

Principles and Practice

Fifth Edition

$90.00 394 pp paper

Tags: Appellate Advocacy, Courts

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Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice is designed primarily for use in an upper class appellate practice course. It will provide students with a basic understanding of the most fundamental principles of appellate litigation, using examples from the federal system as well as several illustrative states. And, by helping law students to understand the basic principles behind appellate litigation, which are not covered in any other law school course, Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice can also enhance their study of law in general.

Like the prior edition of Appellate Advocacy: Principles and Practice published in 2004, this new edition also includes exercises revolving around the most important principles of appellate practice.

And, in addition to the updated materials throughout the book, the Fifth Edition also:

  • Addresses the important matter of seeking stays pending appeal, the possibility of en banc review, and alternative dispute resolution in the appellate context (Chapter 2);
  • Expands the discussion of the preservation doctrine to include more materials on civil litigation and augments discussion of scope of review to include judicial notice (Chapter 3);
  • Provides more treatment of review of administrative agency decisions (Chapter 4);
  • Offers more detailed discussion of the evolving constitutional harmless error doctrine (Chapter 5);
  • Includes new exercises to emphasize some of the ethical issues that arise in appellate practice (Chapter 6);
  • Adds new sections on amicus briefs and on persuasive citations (Chapter 7); and
  • Eliminates the chapter on federal habeas corpus and other avenues of collateral attack on judgments, which will be the subject of a future text.

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