This book has a new edition forthcoming:


Understanding Environmental Law, Fourth Edition

by Kevin A. Reilly, Philip Weinberg

Forthcoming October 2022, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1900-6


This Understanding treatise provides a comprehensive overview of environmental and land use law in the United States. While a major focus of Understanding Environmental Law, Third Edition (2013) is the federal framework of U.S. environmental law, many chapters include coverage of state-specific laws as well. Topics addressed include:

  • The role the United States Constitution plays in protecting the environment;
  • Policy issues affecting environmental law, such as the need to balance economic factors against specific environmental costs;
  • Common law causes of action in the environmental arena;
  • Environmental quality review issues that arise under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state equivalents to NEPA;
  • Air and water pollution laws;
  • Hazardous waste laws and regulations;
  • Endangered species laws including international controls applicable to endangered species; and
  • International laws applicable to environmental issues, including international treaties, global climate changes, and ozone layer protection.

Understanding Environmental Law, Third Edition (2013) contains excerpts from the EPA Terms of Environment. This treatise provides both students and professionals with a thorough grasp of this complex and rapidly-expanding area of law.