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Understanding International Criminal Law, Third Edition cover

Understanding International Criminal Law

Third Edition

by Ellen S. Podgor, Roger S. Clark

Tags: Criminal Law, International Law, Law School Study Aids, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, Understanding Series

314 pp  $53.00

ISBN 978-0-76986-513-3
eISBN 978-0-32718-985-5

This Understanding treatise is divided into four parts:

The first part provides a general overview, with definitions to key terms that appear throughout the book. It covers the area of jurisdiction, as this is the starting point in determining the applicability of using international law.

The second part covers selected areas of international criminal law. It is not exhaustive of all areas of international or transnational law. Choices of specific crimes to cover were made on the basis of showing a diversity of topics, new and developing areas such as computer crimes, and the older more traditional areas such as piracy. It provides materials on both violent and non-violent crimes. Areas of immediate importance, such as terrorism and narcotics trafficking, are discussed.

The third part covers procedural issues. It includes constitutional issues, immunities, obtaining evidence from abroad, obtaining people from abroad, and post conviction issues such as prisoner transfers.

The final part of this treatise covers the international aspects of international criminal law. In addition to examining what constitutes an international crime, it looks at human rights issues, international tribunals, and the International Criminal Court.