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A Student's Guide to the Study of Law

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A Student's Guide to the Study of Law

Second Edition

by Lewis H. LaRue

2001 $36.00 120 pp paper

Tags: Introduction to Law, Law School Study Aids, The Student's Guide Series

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This book focuses on the process of becoming a law student. The author includes a stimulating collection of Lectures, Applications, and Readings, offering students thoughtful and rich insight to the study of law and law related processes. This guide is designed to be self-instructional or used with other materials in an Introduction to Law course. Some questions this book addresses include:

How does legal argument differ from ordinary argument, and how does one build on the skills one already has to make the transition from ordinary argument to legal argument?

How does reading a case differ from the reading assignments one had in college, and how does one make the transition to this new form of reading?

How do the research and writing assignments in law school differ from those in college, and how does one make the transition?

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