Human Rights in the Muslim World

Fundamentalism, Constitutionalism, and International Politics

by Maimul Ahsan Khan

Tags: Current Affairs, Human Rights, Political Science, Religion, Religion and Law, Sociology

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ISBN 978-0-89089-045-5

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Human Rights in the Muslim World presents a comprehensive study of Islam, the main tenets of Islamic Law, and Fundamentalism. It offers a unique insider's view of human rights, rule of law, and fundamentalist trends in the Muslim World. It discusses the complex and problematic relationship between the institutionalization of Islamic doctrine or religious practice and the modern universal human rights doctrine, as well as the opinions Islamists hold towards democratization and the implementation of human rights in Muslim countries. Human Rights in the Muslim World focuses on the dichotomies of sociopolitical, economic, and cultural life in Muslim statehood and the military build-up within the nation-building process.

Khan explores where the main breeding grounds for Muslim fundamentalist forces are and how such forces operate and are governed. In exploring such issues, this book presents an ongoing discussion and analysis of Muslim fundamentalism that puts atheistic, anti-religious, secular ideologies, and political movements in religious and spiritual perspective. This book is a serious, scholarly attempt at finding objective answers to many questions regarding Islam.

"This study is strong on historical, religious, and philosophical analysis, and the author's discussion of the 'Medina Charter' of 622 is quite illuminating. Basically, Khan presents an excellent account of the development of Islamic law… This fascinating book is a great read to examine before attempting to delve into contemporary human rights cases in the Muslim world. Summing up: Highly Recommended." — CHOICE Magazine, November 2003