Law and Bioterrorism

by Victoria Sutton

Tags: Biodefense, Criminal Law, Culture and Law, Current Affairs, Government/National Security Law, Health Law, Science and Law

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-0-89089-071-4

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Law and Bioterrorism includes cases, statutes, and materials that address the legal issues that arise in the context of bioterrorism, national security, and public safety. Sutton begins with an examination of the history of bioterrorism as a domestic crime and includes cases that have been decided under new federal criminal statutes specifically constructed to address the threat of bioterrorism. Next, there is an examination of the issues of federalism in a public health context and the problems with the current federal government intragovernmental organization.

Sutton then looks at the role of the state in public health law as well as at civil rights interests in a biological attack context. Quarantine laws are examined, and a proposed model for a public health emergency powers act is considered. Finally, the conclusion considers the future and the possibility of a new legal framework for addressing bioterrorism threats and national security.

"[A] wonderfully researched and incisive book… Law and Bioterrorism is without question a must-have textbook for anyone teaching or studying in this critical area of the law. Whether in terms of the history of bioterrorism, the laws of bioterrorism or the policy matters associated with bioterrorism, Victoria Sutton performs admirably. In short, she has successfully created a valuable tool to aid the international dialogue in assessing the threat of a bioterrorist attack. Law and Bioterrorism should be compulsory for any academic course in this area." — Melbourne University Law Review