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Initiative-Centered Politics

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Initiative-Centered Politics: The New Politics of Direct Democracy

Initiative-Centered Politics

The New Politics of Direct Democracy

$35.00 296 pp paper

Tags: Election Law, Political Science

Do we have a system of "too much democracy?" Has the rise of ballot measures in the United States somehow assaulted the practice of democracy across the nation? In this volume, contributors take stock of how the initiative process has fared thus far, while positing future directions for direct legislation. The rise of direct democracy across states and localities has shown how the initiative process is essential to public policy throughout the country. This volume brings together a diverse group of scholars presenting direct democracy research across high-use and low-use states and across issue dimensions at all levels of government. It will be invaluable for all who are interested in direct democracy.

“A timely volume, this book addresses a movement that has greatly changed American politics… Summing up: Recommended.” — CHOICE Magazine

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