The Law Professor's Handbook

A Practical Guide to Teaching Law

by Madeleine Schachter

Tags: Law School Teaching, Legal Practical Resources

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-0-89089-550-4

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The Law Professor's Handbook is designed as a guide for those who are transitioning to, engaged in, or contemplating a law school faculty position.

Simply because an attorney mastered a substantive area of the law, refined his advocacy or negotiation skills, and has extensive experience in analytical thought, writing, and other scholarly pursuits, doesn't necessarily mean that he's prepared to educate others. Schachter offers information about the application process and factors to take into account in choosing amongst offers of faculty appointment. There's information about designing a course, crafting a syllabus, and choosing textual materials. In an effort to facilitate review of matters of particular interest, headings, a table of contents, and a detailed index have been included. Cross-references have also been incorporated to enable additional textual review.

"I was impressed with the practical advice that The Law Professor's Handbook offered for a variety of situations. As Academic Dean, I had it distributed to many of our most involved adjuncts... They were grateful for the information, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to continue distributing it to adjuncts and new faculty in the future." — Gregory Sergienko, Associate Dean of Academics and Professor of Law at Western State University

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