Law and Violence Against Women

Cases and Materials on Systems of Oppression

by Beverly Balos, Mary Louise Fellows

Tags: Family Law, Women and the Law

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ISBN 978-0-89089-567-2

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"This book gives a fascinating historical view of how women have been perceived in the western world, and how those notions are changing, if not quickly enough. Balos and Fellows show how all of the forms of violence against women are interrelated, whether the oppression is woman battering, sexual harassment, rape, prostitution or pornography. In addition, each particular form of oppression is shown not only to support the other forms of violence, but to operate in unison to inflict much greater harm against and control of women, and be a product of classism, racism, sexism, abilism, and heterosexualism. This book is excellent for any course on women and the law, gender and the law, or how society and laws control us." — Domestic Violence Report

"The uses of this text are not limited to a course on law and violence against women. It deserves serious consideration as the primary text for any class on women and the law or feminist theory… The book is also a rich resource for teachers of courses on constitutional, criminal, employment, or family law. The bibliography is an excellent source for anyone seeking to supplement the law school curriculum (which is usually impoverished in the areas covered by the text)." — Clinical Law Review: A Journal of Lawyering and Legal Education