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Women and the Law Titles

Women and the Law Titles

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Awakening From the Dream jacket

Awakening From the Dream: Civil Rights Under Siege and the New Struggle for Equal Justice

by Denise C. Morgan, Rachel D. Godsil, Joy Moses2005, 482 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 1-59460-074-0, ISBN: 978-1-59460-074-6 $48.00

A Courtroom of Her Own jacket

A Courtroom of Her Own: The Life and Work of Mary Anne Richey

by Barbara Ann Atwood1998, 376 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 0-89089-654-2, ISBN: 978-0-89089-654-9 $40.00

Critical Chatter jacket

Critical Chatter: Women and Human Rights in South East Asia

by Caroline Lambert, Sharon Pickering, Christine Alder2003, 204 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-120-6, ISBN: 978-0-89089-120-9 $23.00

Domestic Violence jacket

Domestic Violence: Law, Policy, and Practice, Second Edition

by Diane Kiesel2017, 906 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-63281-558-3 $161.00 Teacher's Manual available

From Witches to Crack Moms jacket

From Witches to Crack Moms: Women, Drug Law, and Policy, Second Edition

by Susan C. Boyd2015, 412 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-626-0 $50.00

Gendered Justice jacket

Gendered Justice: Addressing Female Offenders

by Barbara E. Bloom2003, 326 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-123-0, ISBN: 978-0-89089-123-0 $35.00

Gendered Law in American History jacket

Gendered Law in American History

by Richard Chused, Wendy Williams2016, 1250 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-673-4 $150.00 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Human Trafficking jacket

Human Trafficking

by Cheryl Taylor Page, Robert William Piatt, Jr.2016, 280 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-719-9 $38.00

International Women's Rights, Equality, and Justice jacket

International Women's Rights, Equality, and Justice: A Context and Practice Casebook

by Christine M. Venter2012, 532 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-59460-708-0 $70.00 Teacher's Manual available

Law and Violence Against Women jacket

Law and Violence Against Women: Cases and Materials on Systems of Oppression

by Beverly Balos, Mary Louise Fellows1994, 716 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-567-8, ISBN: 978-0-89089-567-2 $74.00 Teacher's Manual available

Sexual Harassment Law jacket

Sexual Harassment Law: History, Cases, and Practice, Second Edition

by Jennifer Ann Drobac, Carrie N. Baker, Rigel C. OliveriForthcoming January 2020, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-5310-0936-6 2019 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Sexual Harassment Law jacket

Sexual Harassment Law: History, Cases, and Theory

by Jennifer Ann Drobac2005, 1144 pp, casebound, ISBN-10: 0-89089-369-1, ISBN: 978-0-89089-369-2 $95.00

Sexuality Law jacket

Sexuality Law, Third Edition

by Arthur S. Leonard, Patricia A. Cain2019, 838 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-236-1 $140.00 2019 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Weaving Strength, Weaving Power jacket

Weaving Strength, Weaving Power: Violence and Abuse against Indigenous Women

by Venida S. Chenault2011, 200 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-563-5 $28.00

Women's International and Comparative Human Rights jacket

Women's International and Comparative Human Rights

by Susan W. Tiefenbrun2012, 550 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-703-5 $50.00

Work, Parenting and Inequality jacket

Work, Parenting and Inequality: Workplace Laws and Policies from 1898 to 2018

by Candace Saari Kovacic-Fleischer2019, 368 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-820-2 $68.00 Teacher's Manual available

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