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Weaving Strength, Weaving Power

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Weaving Strength, Weaving Power

Violence and Abuse against Indigenous Women

by Venida S. Chenault

2011 $28.00 200 pp paper

Tags: Indian and Indigenous Peoples Law, Sociology, Women and the Law

Weaving Strength, Weaving Power advances an innovative, culturally-based empowerment framework for examining the phenomenon of violence and abuse against tribal women. Building on scholarship from American Indian Studies, Social Work, and Women’s Studies, this book advances an interdisciplinary examination of multi-dimensional factors that have triggered structural disruption in First Nations. Chenault critiques worldviews and philosophies of oppression, as well as historical events that have usurped traditional cultural worldviews and practices and explores the impact of socio-political and historical conditions that contribute to social problems, such as violence against women. Using concepts of social justice, decolonization and strengths-based practice, she weaves together a framework for engaging in research and practice that promotes social change and taking power back by examining the prevalence and incidence of violence among American Indian and Alaska Native college students.

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