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Understanding Jewish Law

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Understanding Jewish Law:

  • Provides critically important contextual information for any course or seminar in Jewish law;
  • Identifies Jewish law fundamental assumptions, including an individual's responsibilities to and for others;
  • Presents a clear, concise overview not only of Jewish law's institutions, but also of the hierarchies of its literary and human authorities;
  • Differentiates between Jewish law's biblical and non-biblical precepts, explaining their distinct practical and theoretical consequences;
  • Focuses on the processes through which Jewish law unfolds and the roles played by individual autonomy;
  • Compares and analyzes the interrelationships between Jewish and secular law in several key areas, including legal ethics, bankruptcy law, and alternative dispute resolution;
  • Through nine appendices, offers a wealth of material designed to enable students to comprehend Jewish law literature and to engage in Jewish law research. Among many other things, these appendices: (1) Prepare students for the various ways in which Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic words are transliterated; (2) Direct students to a treasury of essential resources, including English translations of primary Jewish law literature that are available, many of which for free on the internet; (3) Describe pertinent English journals, databases and books.

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