Evidence Principles, Practices, and Pitfalls

201 Things You Were Never Taught, Forgot, or Never Understood

Second Edition

by Paul R. Rice

Tags: Evidence

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-42249-597-1
eISBN 978-0-32717-652-7

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This book is designed to be a helpful complement to the general Evidence course. Evidence courses are becoming increasingly unmanageable with evolving constitutional interpretations, new applications in this digital age, changing common law in the states, and rule changes in jurisdictions where evidentiary principles have been codified. It has become increasingly difficult to introduce students to the array of evidentiary issues they will face in legal practices of any complexity, much less critique the policies behind existing rules, inadequacies that have not been addressed in evidence codes, and strategies for interpretation and use of current rules to accommodate the needs of clients.

This new book offers students a guide through the most misunderstood, frequently encountered, and poorly defined points of evidence law in an easy-to-use format. Using Diagrams and Examples to further illuminate the clear, concise text, this book is an invaluable tool for mastering the concepts every litigator needs to know. Even more valuable are the Relationship to Other Rules sections following most topics, which explain how individual concepts fit within the Evidence Code as a whole.

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