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Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law

Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law

Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law

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This is the 2017 paperback printing of the original 2011 treatise.

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For over a decade, Maryland judges and attorneys have relied upon and cited Professor Arnold Rochvarg’s previous books and journal articles to understand and decide Maryland Administrative Law cases. Rochvarg’s new book, Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law, is the essential source required for all attorneys in Maryland who represent clients at the Office of Administrative Hearings and in cases in the courts involving Administrative Law. The book explains and analyzes all the relevant law necessary to represent clients in the myriad of matters that are governed by principles of Administrative Law. This law and the governing procedures are much different than those followed in civil and criminal court cases. The Appendices set forth the needed primary sources including the new procedural rules of the Office of Administrative Hearings. No lawyer practicing in Maryland can afford to practice in Maryland without having a copy of this book. In addition, because the Maryland central panel approach has been adopted by over half the states and the District of Columbia, this book is a useful tool for lawyers outside of Maryland.

This treatise discusses in detail the administrative process at the state and county levels in Maryland. It includes discussion of topics such as rulemaking, contested cases, judicial review, and separation of powers. Most significantly, it includes a detailed discussion of the central panel approach followed by Maryland’s Office of Administrative Hearings which is a model for central panels across the country. Because Maryland cases have been influential in other states, this book is valuable in states with central panels. For example, Maryland’s highest court’s opinion halting the death penalty because of a Maryland agency’s failure to adopt proper regulations to administer the lethal injection was followed in Kentucky. This treatise is written by a law professor with thirty years of experience teaching Federal Administrative Law and State Administrative Law courses. Principles and Practice of Maryland Administrative Law is one of a handful of books which focus on the state administrative process and will be very helpful to understanding state administrative law across the country. 

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