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Employment Law cover

Employment Law: Cases and Materials, Seventh Edition

by Steven L. Willborn, Stewart J. Schwab, Gillian L. L. Lester

2022, 1096 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2247-1


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Employment Law

Cases and Materials

Sixth Edition

by Steven L. Willborn, Stewart J. Schwab, John Burton Jr., Gillian L. L. Lester

Tags: Labor/Employment Law

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1210 pp  $202.00

ISBN 978-1-5310-0547-4
Looseleaf 978-1-5310-0875-8
eISBN 978-1-5310-0548-1

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The Sixth Edition of Employment Law will continue the volume's focus on important unifying themes in employment law, such as the struggle for authority in the workplace between employers, employees, and the government, the relationship between employment law and labor markets, and the appropriate remedies for employment law violations.

The Sixth Edition carries forward most of the cases and materials that have proven to be good teaching tools to permit a smooth transition for current users. But it highlights emerging new or expanded areas of interest including:

  • Whether Uber drivers are employees;
  • Whether employees can be fired for talking about work on Facebook;
  • Whether sexual orientation falls within Title VII's prohibition on sex discrimination;
  • When off-work cellphone use is working time under the FLSA;
  • How to analyze employer promises to provide health care to retirees;
  • The likely effects of efforts to repeal Obamacare on employer-provided health insurance;
  • The constitutionality of severe restrictions in workers' compensation eligibility or benefits;
  • Whether penalties for OSHA violations should be assessed one per employer violation or one per employee who is subject to the violation;
  • Limits on state efforts to import employee safeguards into the arbitral process; and
  • The problem of aligning the twin goals of compensation and deterrence in remedying employment law violations.

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