The Initiative and Referendum Almanac

A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the Initiative and Referendum Process

Second Edition

by M. Dane Waters

Tags: Current Affairs, Election Law, Political Science

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1338-7
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Since the publication of the first edition of the Initiative and Referendum Almanac in 2003, the initiative and referendum process has continued to have a transformational impact on our daily lives. The electorate has spoken out on almost every aspect of how we, as a country, address the moral, fiscal, and social underpinnings of our society. This second edition takes a deeper look at these issues and goes a step further in looking at the growing interest in the recall process as a tool to limit the control of elected officials, as well as the growing influence of ballot campaigns around the world. No other book has ever provided such a complete and comprehensive history of the initiative and referendum process in the U.S. The author provides such information as the definitions of initiative and referendum; the roots of the initiative and referendum movement; the history of how the process has been utilized; regulations of the initiative process in each state; legislative attempts to regulate the process; and the role of the judiciary in being a check and balance on this powerful tool of self-governance. The book also includes a series of personal narratives from those who have been on the front lines of initiative and referendum battles, giving the reader insight into the intricacies of the challenges faced when trying to place reforms on the ballot.

The Initiative and Referendum Almanac, through a collaboration with Ballotpedia, provides a complete listing of all relevant laws associated with utilizing the initiative and referendum process in each state, as well as a checklist of the steps that must be followed to place an initiative or referendum on the ballot. The appendix contains a complete listing of every statewide initiative and popular referendum that have appeared on the ballot since 1904, as well as other charts and graphs tracking the usage of the process since its adoption in 1898. No other book has ever provided this much information on citizen lawmaking.

Praise for the first edition:

"This is what we have been waiting for. As penetrating and stimulating as it is thorough and even-handed, the Almanac will spark and inform debate about our most democratic process of lawmaking. It is a gift to activists and scholars alike." — Richard Parker, Williams Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
"This uniquely comprehensive volume provides a wealth of invaluable information about the initiative and referendum process in the United States. The volume combines detailed information about the constitutional and statutory bases of initiative and referendum usage in all fifty states; descriptions of the major court decisions and legislative attempts to regulate the process; comparisons of I&R provisions across the states; and scholarly analyses of some of the main theoretical debates concerning its use. This is certain to be a critical resource for academics, policy analysts, advocates, lawmakers, citizens, the media—indeed, anyone interested in this increasingly important method of citizen lawmaking." — Elisabeth R. Gerber, Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan
"Water's volume provides a wealth of statistical and factual information on a neglected topic… Public and academic libraries, as well as American politics and public policy collections, will…find this a worthwhile purchase." — CHOICE Magazine, January 2004
"Despite presenting a wealth of information, this book is well organized and very readable. Because the information it contains is of interest to scholars, students, and laypeople, this volume is highly recommended for all but the smallest public and academic libraries, and for high school libraries that support law and government courses." — American Reference Books Annual