Stress Management in Law Enforcement

Fourth Edition

Edited by: Leonard Territo, James D. Sewell

Tags: Law Enforcement, Psychology

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-1575-6
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The revised fourth edition of Stress Management in Law Enforcement by Dr. Leonard Territo and Dr. James Sewell is once again a carefully selected collection of the leading articles on stress and its consequences for police personnel. In an effort to better fit the time constraints of classroom use, this edition streamlines coverage from the third edition, cutting down the number of articles from 46 to 36 (of which 12 are original ones prepared for this volume). These changes have also resulted in reducing this book by nearly 200 pages.

A brief summary precedes each section to assist the reader in readily identifying articles, which might be of particular interest and in addition, each introductory section contains a Glossary of Key Terms. A very comprehensive Instructor's Manual accompanies this book and contains: Learning Objectives for each section; Answers to the End of Article Discussion Questions; a Test Bank of 235 Multiple-Choice Questions; and a list of links to Videos Dealing with Police Stress.

This book will specifically interest the criminal justice academic community as an adjunctive resource in police management courses or as the primary text in upper division seminars on the topic of police stress management. This book will also be of considerable interest to police administrators and officers who must deal on a daily basis with the negative side effects of stress. Stress Management in Law Enforcement is relevant for police administrators as well as police psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals who are called upon to provide guidance and assistance to police officers.

The Teacher's Manual is available to those considering the text for adoption. Please contact Beth Hall at to request a copy.


[This book] is a worthy addition to the library of any thoughtful student of police behavior and culture."
— Criminal Justice Review, on the first edition
…one of the most outstanding collections of articles on working with police officers out there."
— Richard L. Levenson, psychologist

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