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Labor Relations Law

Labor Relations Law

Selected Federal Statutes and Sample Bargaining Agreement

Fourteenth Edition

by Charles B. Craver, Marion G. Crain, Grant M. Hayden

Forthcoming July 2021 paper


Tags: Labor/Employment Law

This text introduces students to all aspects of labor relations law. It explores statutory coverage, and the procedures involved in union organizing campaigns. It describes the actions employees can take to support organization efforts, and the actions employers can take to counteract such drives. It then covers the rights of employees and unions once bargaining representatives have been recognized.

What are the mandatory bargaining topics, and what concerted activities can employees use to support union bargaining efforts? It also covers concerted activities that are prohibited, such as secondary endeavors. Finally, it explains how disputes arising under existing bargaining agreements may be resolved—through negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration. It is both a highly practical and theoretical book that does a wonderful job of enabling teachers to introduce students to labor relations law.

This Supplement Accompanies:

Labor Relations Law jacket

Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials, Fourteenth Edition

by Charles B. Craver, Marion G. Crain, Grant M. HaydenForthcoming July 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2033-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

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