Restorative Justice

Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice

Second Edition

by Aida Y. Hass-Wisecup, Caryn E. Saxon

Tags: Corrections, Criminology

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2377-5
eISBN 978-1-5310-2378-2

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Restorative Justice: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice provides students, practitioners, and criminal justice professionals with a comprehensive introduction to restorative justice that combines theoretical foundations, guiding principles, empirical evidence, and real-world implementations of various restorative processes and practices. Through easy-to-navigate chapters, the authors present readers with information concerning how and why restorative practices are implemented within communities in order to expand and enhance conventional approaches to crime prevention, community building, and criminal justice. Though designed for the college classroom, this text is an ideal and accessible introduction for anyone interested in exploring the philosophy, evaluation, and application of restorative justice.

In the second edition, the authors have added new boxed features, updated the text to reflect current information and statistics, and expanded chapters relevant to the implementation of restorative practices in justice systems, processes, and movements.

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"In this timely text, Missouri State University criminologists Aida Y. Hass-Wisecup and Caryn E. Saxon make a virtuous effort to sort through the strengths and misconceptions of restorative justice, the wide variety of forms of restorative justice practice, and the general prospects for the future of restorative justice, especially in the United States."

— Journal of Community Corrections

"Hass-Wisecup and Saxon's text on restorative justice fills a longstanding void in the academic literature. Their text is ideally suited for both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses as it provides a comprehensive discussion of key restorative justice themes. The authors' review of the historical and theoretical foundations of restorative justice blends well with the text's overview of practices such as victim-offender mediation, family group conferencing, and peacemaking circles to name a few. The comprehensive design of the text further explores how restorative justice is integrated in the context of policing, courts, schools and special victims."

— Doug King, Professor of Justice Studies, Mount Royal University

"…performs the gainful service of covering a great deal of theoretical, empirical, and practical territory concerning restorative justice, including critical and supportive commentary alike."

— Journal of Community Justice

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