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August Vollmer cover

August Vollmer: The Father of American Policing

by Willard M. Oliver

2017, 804 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-559-1


A Different Justice cover

A Different Justice: Love and the Future of Criminal Justice Practice in America

by Michael J. DeValve

2014, 250 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-451-8


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Fundamentals of Criminology cover

Fundamentals of Criminology: New Dimensions, Second Edition

by Kelly Frailing, Dee Wood Harper

2016, 530 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-689-5


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A Primer on Crime and Delinquency Theory cover

A Primer on Crime and Delinquency Theory, Fourth Edition

by Robert M. Bohm, Brenda L. Vogel

2015, 264 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-685-7


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Restorative Justice cover

Restorative Justice: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice, Second Edition

by Aida Y. Hass-Wisecup, Caryn E. Saxon

2021, 376 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2377-5


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Serial Crime cover

Serial Crime: A Criminological and Psychological Analysis, Second Edition

Edited by: Kevin Borgeson, Stephanie Vogel, Robin Maria Valeri

2024, 408 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1690-6


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Sociology of Law cover

Sociology of Law, Fourth Edition

by Dragan Milovanovic

2022, 508 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-882-0


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