Sources and Strategies of Legal Research

by Caroline L. Osborne

Tags: Law School Study Aids, Lawyering Skills/Study Aids, Legal Research

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Sources and Strategies of Legal Research, intended for use in first-year legal writing and research courses, offers a new approach to the course subject matter based on the concept that legal analysis is essential to legal research. This concise book is unique in two ways: it places legal analysis as the focal point of legal research; and it departs from the typical source-specific or bibliographical approach, instead taking a process-oriented approach, focusing on search strategies for efficiently and effectively finding information.

The book is organized around six fundamental questions:

  • What is legal analysis in a research context?
  • What source has the relevant information needed to resolve the client's problem?
  • Why should a researcher select this specific source?
  • How should the information be used to advance the research process?
  • What is the optimal research strategy to locate the information efficiently and effectively?
  • What is a research strategy or plan?
  • By incorporating the author's scholarship in the pedagogy of legal research,

Sources and Strategies of Legal Research presents a contemporary approach to legal research within the larger context of the legal profession.

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