The Fundamentals of Estate Planning (Maryland)

Third Edition

by Angela Vallario

Tags: Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-5310-2696-7
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The third edition of Fundamentals of Estate Planning (Maryland) is a unique combination of theory and practice written for those studying or practicing estate planning in the state of Maryland as well as students preparing for the Uniform Bar Exam. The third edition reorganized concepts to reflect the academic teaching of a basic trusts and estates course. The book adds practical suggestions on drafting provisions used in estate planning documents along with theory, Maryland and Uniform Probate Code statutes, and cases from multiple jurisdictions. The book is the perfect match between academic theory and a practitioner's formbook in that the student or attorney has a legal foundation for drafting relevant provisions used in wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance directives.

The third edition has been expanded to incorporate a chapter on special purpose trusts including gun trusts and special needs trusts. The special purpose chapter includes sample revocable trust used for firearm ownership as well as disability planning. An expanded chapter on elder law provides an overview of law impacting elders such as Social Security, Social Security Disability Income, veterans benefits, planning for long term care with Medicaid, and guardianship. In the elder law chapter students and attorneys are exposed to a separate but related practice area that can be further explored by the reader.

Part II of the third edition introduces the student or attorney to federal estate planning and is the ideal resource to teach a course in federal estate tax planning as well as an introduction to the attorney of the relevant Internal Revenue Code provisions and prominent cases used to avoid, minimize, and defer federal estate taxes. Chapters with illustrations are provided to explain basic estate planning tools of non-taxable gifts, credit shelter trust, marital deduction, and life insurance trusts.

The third edition added Maryland's new elective share legislation as well as recently enacted changes to Maryland's statutory power of attorney forms. This book brings the trusts and estates practice into the classroom. The practical problems and illustrations with suggested responses explain the material at a sophisticated, yet accessible, level.

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