Border Security

Third Edition

by James R. Phelps, Jeffrey Dailey, Monica Koenigsberg

Forthcoming September 2023

Tags: Homeland Security

2023 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

ISBN 978-1-5310-2810-7
eISBN 978-1-5310-2811-4

Much has been written recently concerning the relationship between illegal immigration and border security (or the lack thereof). The concept of border security affects all of us, directly or indirectly. In the past as we approached an international border physically, the more people and communities were affected by illegal migration, drugs, and other criminal activities. This has changed considerably for all countries. Today, all across the world, whether in Denver, Chicago, London, Berlin, Rome, New York City, or Martha's Vineyard the issues of uncontrolled migration, fentanyl, heroin and other contraband is of paramount importance; making border security a major issue for all countries, states, and communities.

Following four years of aggressive border security efforts by the Trump administration, the Biden administration lifted all protections previously enacted and stopped construction of a border wall with Mexico. Only two years into these relaxed conditions over 4 million persons illegally entered the U.S. via the border with Mexico. President Biden was forced to implement a stay-in-Mexico policy from the Trump administration (under a different name) that Biden had previously rescinded. Democrat Mayors and Governors along the border with Mexico and even as far inland as Denver, Colorado, are shipping their excess illegal populations to sanctuary cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C., NYC and even Cape Cod in Massachusetts, to the extreme consternation of their fellow Democrat politicians.

Filled with relevant information, the authors' holistic approach provides a timely foundation for anyone interested in the topic. Descriptive and analytical, the text is designed to offer readers a balanced and up-to-date overview of what border security is, as well as the constant revisions to it that have occurred over the past 120 years.

In this edition of Border Security, authors Phelps, Dailey and Koenigsberg describe and discuss:

  • Various definitions of "borders," including geographical, political, and economic
  • What "border security" actually is, in relation to different types of borders and how the concept developed historically
  • The classical concepts of border security, including the Walled City, Hadrian's Wall, the Maginot and Seigfried Lines, and the Great Walls of China
  • Border Patrol Operations, from 1904 to present day
  • Present-day physical border security, including the various Border Fences and the impacts of illegal immigration
  • Maritime border security
  • The relationship between border security and transnational crime
  • Human trafficking
  • Transportation security as impacted by borders
  • The failed nation state of Mexico and how corruption impacts border security
  • "Solutions" to security along both the southern and northern borders of the United States

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